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Chicken lover finally visits Nandos

Chicken at Nandos, Cyber Hub

Well don’t be surprised if I say that I love hogging on chicken and yet I had not had a chance to visit Nandos before yesterday. My friends from South Africa and U.K. will definitely kill me for this foodie-crime.  Nandos originally hails from S.A. and is dearly loved in U.K. Globally its a big name and its a great news that Delhi/NCR has three outlets already. To find them check on site.

I am a regular one when it comes to picking my chicken flavors from KFC, global food-chains, exotic restaurants and local eateries.  No less, I am a frequent visitor to its peri-peri cousin Barcelos as well but visit to this one always got postponed. Don’t know why! To this I would only say ‘you get to eat the morsel only when its meant for u.’ 

No, I can’t get philosophical beyond this point because the pictures and the ‘taste that was’ of the grilled peri-peri chicken in the spicy hot sauce is making my stomach growl with hunger. Phew, its tough to concentrate and blog about my dining experience at Nandos, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon branch.  If I said its not just about the chicken there I would be lying but in their small way they do take care of vegetarians too. My husband found an appetizing and fulfilling veggie meal for himself and had no qualms of it at all. Apart from the starters, to be precise he had four veg options to pick from.  (Not bad)

To start off, I ordered a Roast Veg dip with Pita bread for hubby and Rosa Fresca for myself.  While the order came, I looked around the wooden interiors and checked on the famous Nando Art hanging on the walls. It was a very comfortable seating arrangement and a warm feel about the whole setup. The open kitchen was closely visible.

The bread was soft and fresh, while the dip spin tasted interesting. We both loved it. The designer drink was refreshing but a little more on the sweeter side. When you are at Nandos, you really have no reason to keep yourself deprived of the tender, delicious rooster fun.  While hubby was still deciding for himself, I gave in to the temptations and ordered a half peri-peri chicken for me in the most healthy form (signature dish) without the sides. I just wanted to dig in the chicken with no distractions.

Chicken at its best at Nandos – Signature dish

The cute little flag tucked in the center informs you about the choice of your sauce. I had ordered a mild because I was told hot means hot!

    I enjoyed one by one dipping it in different sauces

You must know them and experiment all

Hubby’s food looked equally interesting and enticing. It was called Paneer Cataplana Algarve . I quite liked its serving style in the authentic copper dish.  It consisted of PERi-PERi paneer, cataplana sauce, spicy rice, grilled peppers and chickpeas.

For the chicken lovers who like it marinated and perfectly grilled to order, its almost like heaven here. Every other dish on the menu card hints about succulent chicken and its tough to decide immediately.  While I ate, I also noticed that the chicken hanging through the skewer looked awesome and Butterfly Chicken Breast was quite on demand. So for my next visit, I have already done the homework and I know what to order without wasting a minute.

I am sure I do not need to elaborate more on this South African restaurant chain when you know I am already craving for its juicy bites. Before saying a goodbye, I took a few more clicks of the vibrant ambiance. A very special mention about the hospitality staff at Nandos. They were really very warm and cheerful right from the time we entered, to helping us take our seats, to taking an order to giving us everything as required. After every dish they also came to ask how had been my experience because I had told them it was my first time here. I quite liked the personal connect of the staff, of course second to the chicken.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity of selecting a restaurant of my choice and doing a random visit to rate and review. Happy Eating!!!

4 thoughts on “Chicken lover finally visits Nandos

  1. I love Nando’s too, and surprisingly it has adequate fare for a semi-vegetarian (sometimes I’ll take meat, but mostly not) like me too 😀 Their peri peri sauces are out of this world, I’ve even got a couple of them at home!

    1. Semi vegetarian, dats interesting. I bet you can find lot of options in Nandos
      Yes, the peri peri sauces are good indeed.

  2. It looks so yum! I visited them years ago… This post of yours just reminded me about Nandos 🙂

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