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We met, we ate, we paid through app at Ruplee bloggers meet

While ‘Thank God its Friday’ status have already started making rounds on social media, I will be blogging here what I did last Friday. It was quite a well-spent day. First I attended a bloggers meet in the evening at Lights Camera Action at Hauz Khas Village and next I boarded bus for Dehradun to holiday and trek at Sursingdhar.

Technically I landed in the city in the wee hours of Tuesday this week but the hangover from picturesque Sursingdhar is still not over.  Friday was a big day for me because I was all excited for my first offbeat and adventure travel in India. To be inspired more,  I met Parnashree Devi, one of the famous offbeat travel bloggers of India at Ruplee Bloggers Meet which made for a beautiful co-incidence. To add to the flavor, I must mention that food at Lights Camera Action was absolutely impressive.  And above all it was wonderful to get acquainted with the Ruplee story from the company’s Corporate Communications Head while bloggers bonded over food and their stories.

Its time to go CASHLESS while dining too!


If you have been reading me, you already know the foodie in me. I keep my taste-buds entertained with the goodness of yummy food all around Delhi-NCR, India and outside India. So when a mail popped up in my inbox which talked about food, hassle-less dining, simple payment, cashless experience, it  got my attention on priority. I curiously read it across. Finding it quite relevant for me, my family and my circle of friends, I immediately acknowledged my presence for the meet.

At LCA I was met by Akhilee, the young lady who handles corporate communications for Ruplee. Along with her I met other bloggers around the table. Unanimously we were impressed with the Bollywoodish menu-card that LCA had to offer. You just can’t turn the pages without laughing at the quirky food names. Believe me they are absolutely hilarious. I bet names like Suar ke baache for a pork dish , Shaakaal ke khuni kutte for Hotdogs, Baby doll salad and Haddi Pasli Ek burger will get you hungry. Without wasting a minute we ordered a couple of good things and feasted over great food and lovely stories.

When the treat was still on we talked about Ruplee and there I learnt quite much about it. You must read below and let me know if something intrigues you further.

Lets find out what is RUPLEE...

Its a weekend and you are having fun with your friends. Its already late and you have been waiting for your bill for last fifteen minutes. Now when the bill finally arrives you may find yourself in two problematic situations. First you try and swipe your card but the technical glitches (non-working card machine) gives you a hard time and second you may have forgotten to bring your credit or debit cards. Well these situations do not occur everyday but when they do they simply spoil the mood.  Ruplee was conceived by Natasha Jain to take care of all these spoilers. The app is an easy and safe payment tool.

Why I downloaded it immediately and shared it with my friends?

  • Its very handy as I do not need to carry a bag or wallet with me every time when I go dining. Go hands-free is my mantra!
  • It helps me to keep a check on all the money spent on the whacky weekends
  • It helps me to split the bill with my friends too
  • No surcharges on card payments and I was happy that is a safe method of payment. It isn’t a wallet where I need to charge some money. It uses my cards every time, generates OTP, requires CVV and takes me through 3D secure pin  (mandatory by the RBI).
  • More, it offers amazing discounts on my subsequent visits because everyone loves loyal customers (loyalty programs are in)



Why vendors are loving it?

  • Settling bills has never been so quick and easy.
  • The managers of restaurants are loving it because it helps them keep a record of demographics  and study their customers choices
  • It is also helping them to keep a record of revisits of the customers
  • No doubt, work has been lessened for the staff because they are free of carrying your bills to the table and sorting out payments
  • There is a referral system that earns points to the customers and wins customers for the restaurants.


How does it Work?

When we were about to bloat and burst, it was time to call for the bill. No we were not doing it the old way. A Ruplee representative came over and demonstrated the whole payment method.

Its very simple. One needs to download the app. The moment you enter a restaurant that encourages payment through this app, you just need to check in via the application. Now order your meal, have fun till you are done. Next,  initiate a request for the bill via Ruplee. When the bill amount flashes, you just got to pay through your credit or debit card. It is not a wallet. It does not store cash in any form. Paytm and Uber irks me for this!

Around 150+ restaurants in Delhi- Gurgaon are already loving their association with Ruplee. We also learnt that all the restaurants have a representative of the company to help you if you face any problem with the app and  brief about it to the new customers. So next time when you see Ruplee holder on your table, don’t forget to mention that you read it on my blog!!!

Happy Exploring and Eating Around the Globe!

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