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eKAVACH your loved ones in the online world

Internet and eKAVACH!

Well it seriously bothers me when today’s kids start early but on the wrong note. Before learning other things, they begin to hum Honey Singh’s abusive lyrics and google Sunny Leone’s dance numbers. None is to be blamed but its all about over-exposure to technology. Its seeping in deep in our lifestyle. Electronic devices are kid’s first best friends and internet is like a game to them. We grew up playing board games and they play Angry birds. How many of us are bothered? Are we keeping a real time watch on them? Is it even possible to keep a check on their reach when a click is all that matters? 

eKAVACH your childs’ phone

Parental control is possible

My cousin Siddhant turned nine recently and he is one of those kids who can drive anyone nuts with his hyper-activeness and curiosity.  His sister Manna is five years elder to him but he hardly bothers when it comes to supremacy over laptop, ipad and mobile phone. When they visited me recently during the summer vacations, I was shocked to discover about his addiction to internet and online gaming. Every minute I found him pressing buttons of his sister’s mobile phone and it was irking for me. Infact, I gave him a good scolding too but it had simply no effect on him. Uncle and Aunty sounded low when they accepted the fact that it was becoming challenging for them to keep a watch on his online activities.  Like all parents they feared exposure to  inappropriate content, unsafe and harmful sites.  Well, I instantly pitched a solution to them. They had not heard about eKAVACH but now are happily using it.

Activating the administration


Digital solution for Digital Parenting

Mrs Noopur Raghunath of Certus Technologies thought of this cool way to keep a check on your child’s online activity.  Its easy to find the app on the Google Play Store. Download the parent app on your own mobile phone and the child app on your kid’s phone. The registration process is very simple where in you can also register through Facebook and Google. Next its easy to begin the monitoring.



  • All setting controls are on the parent app
  • It segregates good and bad websites and allows only the good
  • Parents can define internet usage time for each day of week
  • There is a dashboard that gives you a breakup of your child’s interests on internet
  • It tells you which urls the child is accessing and what are the categories surfed by him/her too
  • You get to ensure that your child is not exposed to violent and porn sites
  • I really loved the Emergency SOS notification that a child can send to his parent from anywhere, anytime
  • There is an option to set  family time  when no online activity for the kid is allowed
  • Parent can keep a track of the location of their child through device heartbeat
  • One may simply put a pattern to lock the phone and its possible through the application as well



eKAVACH that appears to your kid


Thumps UP!!!

  • Its a well thought of application because it has deep solutions over superficial ways .
  • Its easy to use, thus its far away from complications
  • I liked the offline part of it too. Supposedly the parent is not on internet, the notifications will come through messages
  • Lets the child do what he/she wants ensuring a safe watch all the time
  • Very useful for the parents who cannot keep a watch on kids all the time  when they are in office.

I would suggest there should be more interesting activities coming up for the kids through this app and would be wonderful if teachers and school could also get connected. Maybe I am asking for too much. For now, I am looking forward to the coming up tabs- Reading books and Pamper your kids.



Highly recommended!

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