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Every Selfie Crazy Must Have #PICPAL

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A few years ago it wasn’t a part of our lifestyle. But today it has become a worldwide craze. It is thought to be funny, trendy and super-cool. Our body image together with our face value has found a self-definition. With a smartphone in hand we simply love doing it. Yes, I am talking about the selfie craze that has taken all over of us. We love to grab every moment that makes us happy and attract attention from people who make our circle. In the olden days self-portrait had that vanity but selfie is more about showing around the cool things that we do.

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Are you bitten by this self-love yet? And even if you are not I am sure you have your friends who just can’t live without sharing their selfies while on vacation, eating out with friends, doing quirky activities, etc. I bet you enjoy catching up their updates and at times mutter a wish too to be as cool as them. You want to post that lovely picture of your face too which could get you lots of love in the form of likes and comments. This post is all about to tell you about a cool new free appPICPAL  (you can download it at ) which will enhance all that craze. This is a real time and a collage making application. It is about selfie generation with friends at different location and social content creation too.

Now Selfie has a company

PICPAL and the SELFIE fun!

Selfie and social media go hand in hand while we live in a tech-savvy age. Being at a beautiful place is not that important than capturing the moment with a selfie and sharing on instagram, facebook, twitter etc. Now Picpal will make the selfie journey all the more beautiful and fun. You will not miss your best friend or your family members from your picture. Real time collages are made by the app no matter where your favorite folks are. Yes, Selfie will no more have you as the only one, it will have a company. Sounds complicated? Let me sort out the process, its too easy.

This is how Picpal starts

Once you download the free app, you just need to register through facebook. As soon as it is done you got to invite 3 of your friends. Thus, they must have Picpal too. Now all of the three friends who are different locations take a selfie almost at the same time. These real time moments will be captured by the app in a beautiful collage of all the three selfies making it a image ready to be shared socially. Sharing, liking and loving on Picpal is as simple as any other application. Fun group selfies happen at simple clicks.

You may be a solo traveler, you may be away for an onsite project, your friend may have moved to another country, your family may be away, etc. Well there can be many more reasons to miss the whacky and crazy selfie moments but there is no point in listing them because your selfie can have the company of your loved ones across the globe. Tell them all that picking a pal for the picture has become very easy with PICPAL. So, if you are selfie crazy, I really don’t need to tell you what to do next.

Let me know how has been your experience with #PICPAL!

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